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************ Parking Auction Quick Reference Guide ************

How does this auction work?

The parking auction works just like an online Dutch auction: the price keeps falling until there is one accepted bid for each parking permit. Bidders get to bid whatever they are willing to pay for a permit, but they all end up paying only what the lowest winning bidder is willing to pay.

Auction Format:
  • Online Dutch auction.
  • Multiple permits with multiple bidders.
  • The lowest accepted price is what everyone pays.
Tips and Tricks:
  • Placing a bid of any kind, no matter the amount, has often times allowed people to get great parking for very little additional cost.
  • By bidding the full amount, you guarantee yourself a permit no matter what the final price is (If you make a high bid and the price keeps falling, you know you’ve won a permit for sure, and each time the price falls further you know you’ll be paying less and less for your permit).
  • Placing a bid early puts you high on the list for auctions with specific spots, such as the reserved auction.
  • The final permit price is based on the demand for permits, and the bids that different people are willing to make for convenient parking.

Why should everyone participate?

  • It is the only way to secure the right to park in key locations.
  • Searching for a parking space will take less time.



  • Auction Rules

    Submit a bid for the premium that you are willing to pay.

    Every 30 minutes the premium drops.

    The auction ends when the number of bidders willing to pay the current premium - or more - equals the number of permits for sale.

    The highest bidders win.

    All winners pay the final (lowest) premium.

    Winning bids are final, binding and non-refundable.