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Jury Appointments - Login

Welcome to the William D. Hall and Marybelle and Sebastian P. Musco Conservatory of Music Jury Appointments webpage.

All students (music majors or non-majors) that must complete a jury can now sign up for multiple jury appointments online (voice, instrumental and/or piano juries), and all transactions are secured using your Chapman login credentials. At this time, students can select up to ten (10) appointment slots within the system and you can always revisit this page to revise and/or cancel your appointments if needed.

If you have any comments/questions regarding this page, please contact the Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music, Thank you very much!

Step One: Sign into the Jury Appointments site using your Chapman login credentials.

Step Two: Complete the Jury Appointment Registration page, select a “Jury Type” and choose your appointments. Remember that you can select multiple jury appointments (voice, instrumental and/or piano) before leaving the Registration page.

Step Three: Review your information and confirm your appointment(s).

Step Four: Upon completion, an email is automatically sent to your Chapman email address to confirm your appointment(s).